2Pac Movie “All Eyes On Me” Not Half As Big As The Man Himself

Today would’ve been Tupas Amaru Shakur’s 46th birthday and the release of the biopic “All Eyes On Me” was a great way to commemorate one of the biggest artists to ever live. The movie was not bad, but as a fan and enthusiast, I was not entertained nor enlightened by anything 2Pac. Jada Pickett Smith’s recent tweets reveal that even the portrayal of her was without much facts. Other than a few names, most of the movie didn’t really contradict what I knew to be true about 2Pac. The acting of the main characters was good… Some of the supporting characters… Not so much, but overall, the movie wasn’t hard to watch. The problem is the fact that it shed no new light on anything and 2Pac being one of the biggest people in the media made it easy for fans to keep up with him, even before social media allowed us to keep up with our favorite artists every move.

So why does “All Eyes On Me” not hit its mark?

First of all, there has been many books and documentaries detailing the life and trials of Mr. Shakur and most of us have paid some kind of attention to them, so we feel like we could have written the movie ourselves. His music gave us so much of him that no movie would do him justice. The last two dope hip-hop biopics (Notorious and Straight Outta Compton) featured artists/producers (Puff and Dre/Cube) who are still on top of the game, so the excitement was different. Nobody who had anything to do with 2Pac’s career is still in the same position or better than they were when he was alive. Hell, I don’t even know what became of the outlaws, but it was great to see them in the movie.

Overall, the movie was great, but it paled in comparison to the previous mentioned movies.

Either way… Happy Birthday, Tupac Amaru Shakur

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