Fire & Brimstone

Fire & Brimstone cd cover
The first installment of the Fire & Brimstone trilogy has already been heralded by some as a modern classic. With the advent of iTunes and the constant stream of one-hit wonders, it is rare that someone crafts an entire album that is as good as the publicity it follows. The production is mostly handled by Pig Pen, but BJ Gates, Flamin’ Lacez, and SPC Productions craft a beautiful soundscape for JP ONE to exercise his lyrical prowess and impeccable delivery. With guest verses from Boldy James, Chel Strong, Pierre Anthony, Nep Jennings, Street Pacino, Motivation, Gain Green, and Rail Fresh to round out a timeless masterpiece, this is sure to be stuck in CD players and playlists around the world for a long time. #WESTILLWINNING

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