JP ONE Avoids Lengthy Sentence in Fed Case With Attorney Kevin Bessant (Paperwork)

After almost two years of fighting a fed case with Kevin Bessant at my side, I have plead guilty and finally been sentenced. I want to thank everyone that has supported me through this trying time, rather it be in the physical or simply in prayer. To all of the people that cooperate with the law, I hope you burn in hell twice. To anyone who ever tried to throw dirt on my name, I am posting sentencing paperwork that shows I only plead guilty. There was no cooperation, just a lot of money in legal fees and a lot of headache. I was going to post all of the paperwork, but I was informed that it wasn’t a good idea, because this is still an open case and it’s too much personal information in there. I am posting key parts of my sentencing paperwork where any form of cooperation would be stated, including my sentencing memorandum. I am posting this on my website, because social media deletes what they want and I want this to be here for the public. The real don’t fold we go for the gold.



The first picture is the offense. The second picture is the government’s sentencing memorandum which clearly states that I only assisted by pleading guilty in a timely fashion and not dragging my case out, so they were agreeing to the bottom of my guidelines, 78-94 months. The third picture is my lawyer’s motion for a downward departure because my previous case was 14 years ago and it wasn’t a drug case. Some other “co-defendants”,  who I don’t know, got less than the 78 months and were charged with more drugs, so the judge agreed that a lesser sentence was consistent with the law. Thanks to my lawyer, Kevin Bassant, for earning every penny, I’lol be home a lot sooner than 78 months and a hell of a lot sooner than the 20 years they were trying to give me, for R.I.C.O. nine months ago. I will be reporting to a federal prison before the end of the summer, but I am truly blessed and relieved to finally get this overwith. It’s been a very long two years, but God is GREAT.

“Chains is cool to cop, but more important is lawyer fees.” -Hov #WESTILLWINNING



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