Register NOW for JP ONE’s Music Business Crash Course Saturday, May 27th

If you want to be in the music business… You have to learn the business of music. Who better to teach it than an artist/CEO who has built a successful brand from scratch? In just four short years, JP ONE has taken Gifted & Talented, LLC. from an idea to a profitable full media company, specializing in music, videos, events, tours, merchandizing, distribution, promotion, marketing, and more. If you want to take a major shortcut and save yourself a lot of time and money, this music business crash course is the place to be. Saturday, May 27th from 2-4PM, JP ONE will be speaking to a limited amount of serious artists, managers, label CEO’s, etc. about the key points of the independent music grind. Registration is $25. Seats are limited. Drinks and refreshments will be provided. Contact him now at or text 313-332-4427 to sign up. #WESTILLWINNING

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