Top 25 Detroit Hip-Hop Artists in 2016

About a year ago, we posted a top ten list that received a lot of attention. This year’s Top 25 Detroit Hip-Hop Artists in 2016 list is probably going to be just as controversial, but any list is pretty controversial, so here goes nothing. Once again, this is merely the opinion of this site and none of the views are law. If you feel like other artists should have made this list, please comment and give your reasons why you feel they should have made it.

1. Royce Da 5’9

The Detroit native had an epic year with his Layers album debuting at number 1 on the rap album charts.


The “King Me” artist had a great run with the Fire & Brimstone trilogy last year, but his Real Motown Music album with Nep Jennings has produced some of the best hip-hop Detroit has ever seen.

3. Eminem

The fact that he has only released a few verses this year means nothing. He is great and he is from Detroit.

4. Big Sean

Like it or dislike it, he’s dope and he’s representing hard for Detroit.

5. Angel Haze

It’s been a few years of consistent growth for this rising star.

6. Elzhi

His long-awaited Lead Poison album was released this year to great critical reviews.

7. Danny Brown

His album Atrocity Exhibition featured some of the dopest artists in his lane and he put on for Detroit.

8. Seven The General

His Svengali LP has some of the dope stuff street-hop to hit the streets of the motor city.

9. Marvwon

Not only is he one of the top battle emcees from Detroit, his music is pretty dope, too.

10. Fatt Father  

It’s been a while, but his Veteran’s Day album was definitely worth the wait.

11. Nep Jennings

Although he released three projects with JP ONE this year, including the Best Album nominee, Real Motown Music, Nep Jennings has some pretty dope solo music, also.

12. Jovie

Although he didn’t release a project this year, he hasn’t kept himself in the ears and eyes of the public with some great visuals and dope features.

13. Sunny Cartel

A dope album, Dying To Live, and a few dope features, including “Outcast” from Real Motown Music, made him a shoe-in.

14. Nova

His album, The Bully, is one of the strongest offerings from Detroit hip-hop this year.

15. Big Gov 

A very public feud with JP ONE and a dope single, “Hurt So Bad” ft. 3D has kept him bubbling in 2016.

16. Verdict

Probably the youngest on the list, but definitely a talent, the BenOfficial artist has been very consistent in his dopeness.

17. J. Jackson

Mr. 48205’n has had a great year, from winning awards to freestyles on Sway In The Morning.

18. Moe Dirtee

The “You Don’t Belong In Detroit” rapper has shown no signs of slowing down.

19. Chel Strong

Son of Motown legend, Barrett Strong, he has music in his DNA and it sounds like it.

20. Ty Farris

Definitely a lyricist of the year snub, maybe he will get his just due in 2017.

21. 3269 Chise

One of the most consistent artists on the scene the past couple of years is finally getting his just dues.

22. Ron D.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a consistent stream of heat from Ron D.

23-25. Crown Royal (P8tience, A-Dot, and Recipe Aim)

Although the “super group” is no more, its members are still some of the dopest rappers in Detroit.

Of course these aren’t the only hip-hop artists in the city of Detroit and they may not have the biggest following in the city, but if you watch some of the videos, you will see why they are on the list. #WESTILLWINNING

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